ROBOTICA & MANAGEMENT - Vol. 25, Nr. 2, Decembrie 2020

1 - Cuprins


2 - Robots in Action - Professional Contest 2020
Patic P.C.


4 - Influence of Rectilinear Infill Parameters on Stress State of Mechanical Structures Components
Cojocaru V., Miclosina C.-O.

12 - Robots E-Learning and Use of LEGO Kits When Building Hexapod
Culda L.I., Muncut E.S., Komjaty A.

18 - On the Simulation of Robotized Assembly Lines
Miclosina C.-O., Vela D.-G., Cojocaru V.

21 - PID Control for Experimental Flexible Inverted Pendulum
Nguyen M.T., Nguyen V.D.H.

28 - Automated and Robotic Welding Solutions Promoted by Some Chinese Factories
Pitzer J., Joni N.

31 - Mechatronic System for Heart Rate Monitoring
Tulcan E., Dolga V.

37 - Wages and Training – SMEs Employees’ Components of Motivation
Ciurea J., Pau C.

42 - Participatory Management and Good Governance
Pau C., Ciurea J.

47 - Harmonization in the Science of Management Through the Phi-Smart Criterion
Popovici G., Rosu M.