ROBOTICA & MANAGEMENT - Vol. 24, No. 2, December 2019, pp. 16-18

Development of a Novel 3D Spherical Printer

Tivadar Demjen, Erwin-Christian Lovasz, Carmen Sticlaru, Dan Teuşdea, Iosif Cărăbaş

Politehnica University of Timisoara, Mechanical Faculty
Bv. Mihai Viteazul, No. 1, 300222 Timişoara, Romania

Abstract: Three dimensional printing process is the technology that can take the production process from the industrial specialized companies and hand it over to each and every individual who owns a three dimensional printing device. Although there are high advances made in the three dimensional printing industry and processes that makes it possible to print machine parts, clothing, food, live organs and much more, there still are unexplored capabilities and areas where three dimensional printing can be used. The paper propose a novel 3D printer by using a spherical mechanical structure, which can offer a better printing on spherical surface.

Keywords: spherical coordinate system; 3D printer, additive manufacturing.

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