ROBOTICA & MANAGEMENT - Vol. 24, No. 1, June 2019, pp. 24-29

Studies Regarding Mobile Robots that are Adaptable to Rough Terrain

Mihai Olimpiu Tătar, Petre Barbu

Technical University of Cluj-NapocaFaculty of Automotive, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering103-105, Muncii Str. 400641, Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaE-mail:,

The first part of the paper presents the particularities of the hybrid robots that can be used on different terrain types and the second part presents the contributions of the authors in the same field. There are two types of hybrid robots presented, both with leg-wheel locomotion system, more exactly leg with wheel at the end. At the end of the paper the authors propose a third type of robot that uses a Tri-Star locomotion unit.
Mobile robots, hybrid, locomotion, adaptable.

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