ROBOTICA & MANAGEMENT - Vol. 23, No. 2, December 2018

1 - Content


2 - Prof. Cezar Oprișan (1955 – 2018)
Doroftei I.


3 - A Functional Model of a Serial Redundant Robot
Antonescu O., Trofimescu M., Brezeanu C.

9 - Optimal Sliding Mode Control for Tracking Trajectory Problem of Triple Pendubot
Huynh X.D., Nguyen T.N., Hong G.B., Vu D.D., Nguyen M.T.

13 - Movement Control Using Eye-Tracking Technology
Ignat C., Nicolescu S., Ciupe V.

16 - Fuzzy Controller for Rotary Inverted Pendulum
Le T.T.H, Vo A.K., Nguyen T.V., Doan V.K., Vu D.H., Tran M.S., Nguyen V.D.H.

21 - Present and Future Trends in the Execution of Electric Wiring for the Automotive Industry
Pfeifer F.F., Dolga L., Filipescu H., Dolga V.

27 - New Planar Mechanisms for the Legs of Quadruped Mobile Robots
Robu (Nan) C., Antonescu O., Firouzi G.

32 - Reconstruction of 3D Part Models for Flexible Technology Systems
Todea N.A., Dolga L., Dolga V.

37 - PD Controller for Bicycle Model Balancing
Vo A.K., Nguyen M.T., Nguyen T.N., Nguyen T.V., Doan V.K., Tran H.C., Nguyen V.D.H.

42 - Managerial Analysis of Human Resources Performance Reward at SC EVA SRL
Andreş S.

46 - Romania 1918-2018 - 100 Ideas from the Romanian Management
Popovici G.