ROBOTICA & MANAGEMENT - Vol. 17, No. 2, December 2012

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2 - A Lifetime Committed to Engineering - In Memoriam Ştefan Varga (1942 – 2012)
Departament of Mechatronics, University “Politehnica” of Timisoara

4 - Prof. dr. doc. st. ing. Christian Pelecudi (1922 – 1991)
Ion I.


5 - Real-Time Monitoring of the Patient Recuperative Progress Using a New Lower Limb Rehabilitation System
Amancea A-M., Doroftei I., Barnea A., Bou-Saïd B.

11 - Analysis, Modeling and Design of a Reconfigurable and Agile Manufacturing System (RAMS)
Chalfoun I., Kouiss K., Bouton N., Ray P.

17 - Centrifugal Force Variation on a System with Two Asymmetric Loads Rotated with High Angular Velocity
Cojocaru V., Miclosina C.-O.

20 - Some Aspects Regarding Children New Knee Modular Orthosis Command and Control
Copilusi C., Marin M., Rusu L.

26 - Developments on a  Wheeled Mobile Robot for Humanitarian Mine Clearance
Doroftei I., Conduraru I., Conduraru A.-M., Baudoin Y.

32 - Modular Walking Robot MERO Architecture Solution for Transporting Heavy Loads on Undeveloped Land
Ion I.

38 - Life Time Estimation of a Low Level Link of a Parallel Topology Robot Guiding Device Mechanism
Miclosina C.-O., Campian C.V., Cojocaru V.

42 - The Need for a New Manufacturing Technology
Popovici G.

46 - Driven Systems with Active Shape Memory Alloy in the Construction of Industrial Robots
Tufoi M., Amariei D.

53 - The Efficiency of Production Lines
Amariei O.I., Hamat C.O., Coman L.

57 - Managerial Model of Efficiency for the Firm Activity through Functions Outsourcing
Andres S.