ROBOTICA & MANAGEMENT - Vol. 18, No. 1, June 2013

1 - Content


2 - Robots in Action - Professional Contest
Patic P.C.


3 - Design and Mathematical Model of a Robotic Neck Mechanism
Adascalitei F., Doroftei I.

7 - 6-DOF Manipulator with Three Parallel Pentalateral Kinematic Chains
Antonescu O., Antonescu P.

13 - Hospital Bed Lifting Mechanism Using Advanced Simulation Techniques
Boblea D.-I., Strimbeanu M.

19 - A Comparative Study for Human Walking with a New Low-Cost Exoskeleton Prototype
Copilusi C., Ceccarelli M., Margine A., Rusu P.

25 - Design Aspects, Kinematics and Simulation of a Robotic Eye System
Doroftei I., Adascalitei F.

29 - Study Regarding the Actuation Choice for the Elbow Module of an Haptic Exoskeleton Arm
Lovasz E.-C., Ciupe V., Gruescu C.M., Margineanu D., Stan S.-D.

33 - New Research Stand Design for the Testing of Xylan 1052 Coated Helical Gears Performed By Software Simulation
Mituletu I.C., Vela I., Korka Z.

37 - Deserving Function of a Flexible Manufacturing System
Patic P.C., Zemouri R.

42 - Aspects Regarding the Structural Synthesis and Kinematic Analysis of Serial Robots Having Redundant Structures with  more than Six D.O.F.
Staretu I.

48 - Geometry and Statics of a Planar Mechanism as Complex Manipulator
Strimbeanu M., Antonescu O.

54 - Optical Bending Sensors
Szelitzky E., Kuklyte J., Mândru D., O’Connor N.

58 - The Structural Analysis of a Kinematic Joint Driven by Intelligent Materials Used in the Construction of Industrial Robots
Vela D.G..

62 - Proposals Regarding the Manager’s Professional Development
Andres S., Andres S.C.