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ISSN-L: 1453-2069;   Print ISSN: 1453-2069;   Online ISSN: 2359-9855
Editura Eftimie Murgu, Resita

Frequency: 2 issues per year

"Robotica & Management" is the official journal of Robotics Society of Romania. The journal supports the scientific research on the national and international level by the quality of papers from Romanian and foreign authors.

The journal is edited by:

    • Robotics Society of Romania,
    • Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Engineering from Reşiţa,
    • Caraş-Severin County Council,
    • ''Politehnica'' University of Timişoara.

By publishing scientifical papers, the journal proposes to promote the Robotics and Management both as research domains and in industrial and economic applications.

The papers published in the journal cover problems regarding:

    • the mechanical system of industrial and service robots;    
    • robots driving and command;    
    • robots applications;    
    • robotization of manufacturing systems;    
    • study of flexible manufacturing systems;    
    • computer modeling and simulation;    
    • management.

"Robotica & Management" is an open access journal.

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